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Roller Banner Spot Light

Illuminate Your Roller Banner


    Roller Banner Light is perfect for you if you want to get the most out of your roller banners, if you have to keep them on display in a low light situation. With 50 watt floodlight with around 20,000 hours of low power consumption, it is ideal for indoor pop out banners UK. This smooth and elegant looking product with anodized silver finish has special clips designed for the light to clip right on to your roller banners pole.

    Make sure your graphics are clearly visible in low light by using the roller banner light. Our roller banner light is suitable for all of our roller banners and features.

    • 50 watt mains floodlight offering 5500k warm white glow
    • Low power consumption with approximately 20,000 hours of use
    • Anodised silver finish
    • Two lights recommended for 1500mm and 2000mm Frontiers
    • Integral bulldog clip specifically designed for roller banner poles
    • Suitable for indoor use only

    For more information, please email us or contact us through our phone: 0845 4660132