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740gsm PVC

Our top-of-the-range material for use on double-sided banners

Roll up advertising banners printing material made of 740gsm PVC. Its made from fade-proof UV-based inks. Material has two layers of PVC which makes the banner purely opaque from the reverse side. This quality makes it best suitable for outdoor banner printing. Appropriate for both single-sided and double-sided printing, it is priced at £38 per sqm and £50 sqm respectively. It is a supreme quality material and best for colour printing. It meets UK and European Fire Safety Standards too, being M1/B1 fire-rated material.


  • Light-stop lining to prevent show-through from the reverse
  • High-quality full-colour print
  • Standard finishing included
  • Printed with fade-proof UV-based inks
  • M1/B1 fire-rated material to comply with UK and European Fire Safety Standards

Each banner is printed and finished to your requirements.

Uses for 740gsm Double-Sided PVC

  • Double-sided banners (Lamp post banners etc.)
  • Cafe banners

For more information on our 740gsm PVC Banners, please email us or contact us through our phone: 0845 4660132

740gsm PVC Material Image
Material in use

Finishes for 740gsm PVC

  • Image description

    Pole Pocket(s)

    A pocket is added to the edges you require to allow a pole to pass through and support/tension the banner.

    The diameter of the pocket can be specified by you, however, if you let us know the diameter of the object to go into the pole pocket we can calculate the size of the pocket for you.

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    Trimmed to Size

    Items will be cut to the size ordered.

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    Trimmed With Eyelets

    Same as Trimmed to Size but with the addition of eyelets.